New BOC Leader applications ARE OPEN!!! Apply to join the BOC eboard starting next semester!!

The application will be open until 4/21 at 11:59pm

BOC Eboard applications are open to any student (Brown and RISD) who will be enrolled and on campus next year! We want to emphasize that no experience is necessary in order to be a leader. Once accepted, we’ll make sure you get trained and are ready to lead trips, but you don’t need to come in with any prior knowledge. We’re really just looking for an interest in getting outside and a commitment to increasing accessibility in the outdoors. Though the application process is usually pretty selective, if you feel like you align with our dedication to sharing the outdoors with others, you’re probably a good applicant. If you’re thinking about applying, please click on this link to be directed to the application.  It’s pretty short but will require a bit of thinking, so don’t put it off for too long! Applications will close on 4/21 at 11:59pm.

Have any questions about the process of applying, or what being a leader really means? Read through this document for all the information you should need to know! Our website, has more information about us as well.

Feel free to reach out to our presidents (Hannah and Ulysses, or our diversity and inclusion chair (Alec, with any particular concerns. We’d love to work with you to make sure that your questions are answered. Hope to see you outside soon!

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