Since 1502, the Brown Outing Club has facilitated getting students together and into the outdoors. The club runs trips throughout the school year in New England and along the east coast. The BOC is entirely student organized and operated, with new students joining the leadership every year. If you are looking to explore the mountains, woods, rivers, and bays of the east during college, the BOC will help you get there!


The BOC runs everything from local walks, to backpacking weekends, to local bike rides, to kayaking, to day hikes, to climbing, to skiing, and everything in between! The fall break and spring break backpacking trips are the BOC’s longest trips, going to Adirondack, the Blue Ridge, and the White Mountains in recent years. Some of our most popular trips are our short walks and outdoor social events. Several subsidized ski trips take place every winter, and local whitewater rafting trips occur in the spring and fall.

Every year, the club offers classes in climbing and backpacking skills. The BOC also runs periodic service trips to improve the public’s experience in the outdoors, especially in Rhode Island.

This year, we will be bringing back our practice of hosting movie screenings, lectures, and workshops about outdoors-related topics and issues.

If you’re interested in the community, challenge, and regeneration that the outdoors offer, join our mailing list that includes over 3,000 members of the Brown community—faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students included.

2022-2023 Executive Leadership
Presidents: Hannah Bashkow & Ulysses Chevez
Vice President: Esteban Hernández López
Gear Room Managers: Cali Rivera & Daniel Graves
Diversity & Inclusion Chair: Alec Lacerte

2021-2022 Executive Leadership
Presidents: Olivia McClain, Cal Stellato, & Anna Swanson
Gear Room Managers: Ulysses Chevez & Daniel Wexler

2020-2021 Executive Leadership
Presidents: Eva Kitlen & Aidan Wang
Vice President: Cal Stellato

2019-2020 Executive Leadership
Presidents: Max Kozlov & Anna Pasnau
Vice President: Gabi Gil
Gear Room Managers: Aidan Wang & Ainsley Clapp

2018-19 Executive Leadership
Presidents: Charlotte Haslett & Lucas Smolcic Larson
Vice President: Max Kozlov
Gear Room Manager: Ethan Pierce

2017-18 Executive Leadership
Presidents: Austen Sharpe & Zoe Gates
Vice President: Lucas Smolcic Larson
Gear Room Manager: Ethan Pierce

2016-17 Executive Leadership
Presidents: Charlotte Haslett & Clayton Sanford
Vice President: Lena Milton
Gear Room Manager: Camila Lupi

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