Our Mission

We, the Board of the Brown Outing Club, will abide by the following values, and use them as guiding principles for the short and long-term goals of the club (F.A.C.E.S.):


afford the Brown community with safe and enjoyable recreation and social interaction where participants can be themselves, take healthy risks, and find a change of pace from the campus environment;


acknowledge the myriad barriers to outdoor recreation and facilitate access for Brown community members of all identities, backgrounds, experience levels, and financial circumstances; actively reach individuals and groups who might not otherwise get outside;


foster social interaction and interpersonal connection by encouraging collaboration and creating an inclusive, synergistic relationship between leaders and participants;


craft spaces in which leaders and participants can have meaningful interactions with themselves, their peers, and the surrounding environment;


serve the Brown community by providing opportunities to get off campus and develop skills in a variety of outdoor pursuits; instill respect for natural places, a commitment to Leave No Trace ethics, and best practices for environmental stewardship.

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