Gear Rental

How do I rent gear?

BOC gear is available for personal use by any Brown community member.  To check out gear, follow these steps:

1. Come by our office in the basement of Faunce (directions below) during gear room hours (should be on the right of the website header).

2. Find the gear that you want to check out (see partial list below).

3. Fill out a contact sheet with your name, information, and the days that you plan to use the gear.

4. Please bring cash in the amount of the gear rental fees below. All gear rentals are, by default, one week pending availability. We do not accept credit card or Venmo. We will only collect the retail value of the gear if it is returned late, dirty, damaged, lost, or stolen.

5. By renting gear from the Brown Outing Club, you agree to all of our Gear Room Policies.

5. Have a fun trip!

Fall 2019 Fees

Item Weekly Rental Fee ($) Retail value ($)
Backpack 4 150
Sleeping bag 4 100
Sleeping pad 1 50
2-person tent 5 200
4-person tent 7 250
Stove (Primus) 3 30
Gas 3 10
Tarps 2 30
Clothes 2 30
Pots/Pans 3 20
Drybags 2 20
Headlamps 3 20

Directions to the BOC Office

Go into Faunce House and head down to the bottom floor.  Turn so that you’re walking east (toward Thayer St.), and walk through the orange hallway to the Kasper Multipurpose Room (a big room at the end of that hallway).  Keep walking across the multipurpose room and into a small hallway in the back right corner of the room. The BOC office is on your right.

More Questions?

If you have any more questions regarding gear rental or our inventory, please email us at or contact our gear room managers Ulysses Chevez & Dan Wexler at and

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