Gear Rental

Gear Room Hours for Fall ‘17

Directions to the BOC Office

Go into Faunce House and head down to the bottom floor.  Turn so that you’re walking east (toward Thayer St.), and walk all the way to the Multipurpose Room (a big room at the end of the hallway).  Keep walking across the multipurpose room and into a small hallway in the back right corner of the room.  The BOC office is on your right.

Gear Policy

BOC gear is available for personal use by any club member.  To check out gear, follow these steps:

1. Come by our office in the basement of Faunce (off of the Faunce multipurpose room) during gear room hours.

2. Find the gear that you want to check out (see list of what we have below!).

3. Fill out a contact sheet with your name, information, and the days that you plan to use the gear.

4. You will have to pay a nominal fee (usually between $5-$10 for all the gear you’d need for a trip) for the gear that you check out.  Additionally, leave a deposit check or cash for the replacement cost of the gear you checked out.  We won’t cash the deposit check; it’s just an insurance policy to be sure that you return the gear in decent condition.

5. Have a fun trip!

Partial Inventory

-Sleeping bags

-Sleeping pads

-Tents (2- and 4-person)





-Bear cans

-An assortment of clothing, including some boots

-A library of New England guidebooks, maps, and DVDs

More Questions?

If you have any more questions regarding gear rental or our inventory, please email us at or contact our gear room manager Raadhika Kher (



One thought on “Gear Rental

  1. Hi!

    I’m a graduate student at Brown and am hoping to do a camping trip sometime early in June. I understand that Spring semester will be over then–will you guys still be doing gear rentals during this period? I am also not an official member of BOC. Would I still be able to borrow equipment?


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